Criminal Law

Do you identify with any of the following Criminal Law Issues?

You have been charged with murder but the evidence against you is very piece meal and you have denied being responsible. The Police are continuing their investigation despite the charge having been laid already. Their focus is obtaining further telephone and text records and the examination of material at your address that may link you with the crime. It is possible that DNA profiling may be used in an attempt to show that you handled incriminating exhibits. What are your obligations in respect of such requests and do the Police need a warrant? Do you need to submit to a blood or saliva tests so that your DNA may be matched? How can you discredit DNA results that may wrongly implicate you?

You have been charged with a serious assault but it is clear that you acted in self defence. What steps can be taken before trial to have the charge withdrawn or dismissed?

What takes place at a sentence indication hearing and if you request it so that a Judge may indicate the likely sentence how will that affect matters if you continue to plead not guilty

In most crimes except those of the most serious nature, you have a right to elect trial by Jury or Judge alone trial. What factors make some cases more appropriate for a Judge alone rather than a jury trial?

You have been charged with sexual (or an offence relating to indecent material) and publication of your name will seriously affect your business and impact on your immediate family. What are the factors that persuade a Court to grant interim name suppression and final suppression of name?

Charges have been laid (or will possibly be laid) in respect of alleged offending that occurred decades ago. Important witnesses and records are no longer available that would have provided you with a defence the charges. What remedies do you have so that you are not now subject to the charges?

Gary Turkington has advised clients in all aspects of the criminal law over the last 40 years and has successfully defended clients where each of these issues has arisen. His experience is such that he has on been asked by the Coroner to assist him with the unexplained death of the wife of a promising candidate of a prominent political party and the murder of a member of the public at the hands of a person recently released on parole. He has assisted the Wellington Crown Prosecutor as required in the prosecution of complex and high profile cases involving senior public servants.

His authorship of Garrow and Turkington on Criminal Law (LexisNexis) since 1992 means that Gary is additionally equipped with a wealth of up to date knowledge on all aspect of the criminal law.